5th Deposit Bonus
Make a $2,000 deposit and receive a $4,000 bonus.
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  • Fantastic sportsbook with a wide range of wagers to choose from.
  • Among the most enticing initial deposit bonuses available.
  • UPI allows for speedy and simple fund transfers.
  • There is no virtual gambling establishment here.
  • The usability of the website is currently lacking.


  • Established: :
  • Services: :
    Sports Betting and Esports Betting
  • Headquarters: :
    St. Julians, Malta





Here’s what we enjoyed best about NEO.Bet! Numerous choices for sports betting. While NEO.Bet may not be the best betting site you’ve ever encountered, it does provide consumers with a large range of sports betting possibilities.

The NEO.Bet sportsbook is brimming with games and events from all around the world, giving players plenty options for online wagering. The sportsbook at NEO.Bet offers an astonishing variety of sports and games!

The NEO.Bet sportsbook also offers a section dedicated to esports betting, which is becoming increasingly popular in India. From DOTA to Counter-Strike, the majority of prominent esports matches can be found on NEO.Bet. The live betting part of NEO.Bet’s sportsbook is noteworthy, yet it lacks certain features and wagering options.

5th Deposit Bonus


  • Fantastic sportsbook with a wide range of wagers to choose from.
  • Among the most enticing initial deposit bonuses available.
  • UPI allows for speedy and simple fund transfers.
Make a $2,000 deposit and receive a $4,000 bonus.
Play Now

NEO.Bet offers a generous Welcome Bonus.

  • When we first began researching NEO.Bet, we were particularly enthusiastic with the Welcome Bonus. In addition to being able to pick between two enticing welcome bonuses, customers also have relatively simple wagering requirements to meet.
  • As a first-time depositor, you have the option of claiming either a 200% bonus of up to Rs. 4,000 or a 100% bonus of up to Rs. While we favoured the first bonus because it provided the most value for the money, both bonuses appear to be quite generous.
  • Last but not least, the wagering requirements for the NEO.Bet Welcome Bonus are less stringent than those of other betting sites, even allowing players 100 days to fulfil the requirements! 👍 Reliable deposit methods are available.
  • Since online betting is all about making deposits and withdrawals, we always focus on the payment methods a betting site offers its customers.
  • UPI and Indian Netbanking are two of the most dependable and widely used payment methods in India. While NEO.Bet’s payment options are extremely limited, it has included the two most popular methods: UPI and Netbanking. Users can obviously use any and all UPI and Netbanking apps to fund their NEO.Bet accounts, depending on the UPI app or Netbanking app they employ. The deposits are secure, dependable, and almost always immediate!


Creating a new account and signing up for a betting site is the initial step in utilising any betting site. In addition, making a NEO.Bet account takes only a few moments. When you sign up for the first time, you just need to provide a few basic pieces of information. Later on, especially to finish the KYC procedure and receive your withdrawal from NEO.Bet, you will need to provide further personal details. A new NEO.Bet account, however, requires only a few pieces of information at this time.

Here are the procedures needed to register a new account on NEO.Bet:

  1. To learn more about NEO.Bet, please click here.
  2. For more information or to sign up, select the “Get Your Bonus Now” or “Sign Up” option.
  3. A signup form will then appear on the screen’s right side.
  4. Fill in the details required – email, mobile number, password.
  5. Please confirm your agreement to the terms and conditions by checking the box below.
  6. To complete the signup process, select “Register” and start using your new NEO.Bet account right now!


Deposit Options at NEO.BET

After signing up for NEO.Bet, the next step is to make your initial investment. On NEO.Bet, you can use the following methods of payment: Using the Internet for Banking in India UPI (via any UPI supported app) (through any UPI enabled app) Clearly, NEO.Bet lacks options when it comes to making deposits, despite accepting the most common Indian payment methods. We don’t see this as much of a problem because most players in India prefer to use Indian Netbanking or UPI to make deposits.

Tutorial: Making a Deposit on NEO.Bet

In order to make your first deposit on NEO.Bet, please follow these easy steps:

  1. To learn more about NEO.Bet, please click here.
  2. There’s a button labelled “Deposit” that you’ll need to select.
  3. There are now two payment choices open to you.
  4. Put in the sum you want to put in as a deposit.
  5. Complete the necessary payment information and submit.
  6. In order to make a payment, you’ll have to use a UPI or Netbanking app.
  7. Your NEO.Bet account will be updated immediately upon successful payment.


All new players who sign up on the betting site receive a very significant gift in the form of the NEO.Bet Welcome Bonus. NEO.Bet offers your first experience with sports betting a great one by offering two fantastic bonuses. New players can gain 200% up to Rs. 4,000 with the first and greater NEO.Bet Welcome Bonus. As a result, if you deposit Rs. 2,000, you will receive a bonus of Rs. 4,000, enabling you to play with three times as much money as you had before! Additionally, you have the option of claiming the secondary NEO.Bet bonus, which is a 100% bonus up to 8,000 Indian rupees. Although this incentive is also very typical for betting sites, we believe the 200% bonus is superior. You should pay particular attention to the wagering conditions for both bonuses, regardless of which NEO.Bet Welcome Bonus you choose to use.

How to Redeem the Welcome Bonus at NEO.Bet

Just adhere to the instructions below to earn the NEO.Bet Welcome Bonus.

  1. To access NEO.Bet, click the button below.
  2. Open a brand-new betting account.
  3. The Welcome Bonus you want to use must be chosen.
  4. Deposit funds into your account; a Rs. 500 minimum deposit is required to activate the incentive.
  5. Your account will be promptly credited with the bonus amount.


The only thing left to do is actually place a wager on your preferred sport now that you are aware of how to sign up, make a deposit, and get the Welcome Bonus on NEO.Bet. Fortunately, we have you covered there too. You can read our quick tutorial on how to gamble on NEO.Bet down below. Additionally, there are screenshots linked that will make it a lot simpler for you to comprehend each step completely.

Simply follow the instructions below to bet with NEO.Bet:

  1. Click the button below to go to NEO.Bet.
  2. Log in to an existing account or create a new one.
  3. Make sure your betting account is funded.
  4. Next, choose your preferred sport from the NEO.Bet sportsbook up top.
  5. Next, pick a game or event from the many you can wager on.
  6. You must now select the team’s odds because they will decide the type of wager you are placing.
  7. The betslip, which appears on the right side of the screen, will be updated with these odds.
  8. Now you may add your stake (the money you want to bet).
  9. You may now place your first wager by simply clicking “Place Bet.”

Once the wager has been placed, you can manage it using the betslip. It’s common to see changing odds for a live game, which you can accept or reject. Additionally, you will see the cashout option, which enables you to withdraw your winning or losing wager ahead of time to save money.

NEO.Bet – The Conclusion

NEO.Bet is a relatively new entrant in the Indian sports betting market, and we believe that with a few more features and additions, it could become a significantly more popular betting site.

The outstanding sportsbook that NEO.Bet has created for bettors who enjoy wagering on their favourite sports is their forte. Additionally, NEO.Bet has a section dedicated to esports betting, which is gaining popularity in India.

Last but not least, the NEO.Bet Welcome Bonus is sufficient to attract a large number of new users who wish to maximise their wagers. You can receive a 200% bonus up to 4,000 INR with the NEO.Bet Bonus! Today, visit NEO.Bet by clicking the button below.   Also Visit LeonBet.

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